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Lasik Testimonials

"Hi my name is Branda Breaden...from Kenosha. And I decided to get eye surgery back when I was in college, however I didn't have insurance and I didn't know who to go to, So finally I heard of Dr. Epstein through a friend. And I decided to go for it. I had very bad vision beforehand, so I was very pleased about what happened. I had surgery three weeks ago on the 19th of January. And that day I sat up from the operating chair and I could see better than I could without my glasses. And that night after a short nap I felt so much better. I could see clearly. I could certainly see better than I could with my glasses. I was completely pleased with it. I think it is the best thing I have ever done at least for myself, healthwise at least. I would certainly recommend it anyone who has problems with their contacts or their glasses." 

"Hello, My name is Dr. Nguyen. I'm from Gurnee, Illinois. I'm a dentist. I work at Naval Station Great Lakes. And about a month ago I had lasik surgery done with Dr. Epstein The actual procedure took about two minutes each eye After the procedure it was a little bit sore .. went home … took a nap, woke up, and my vision was pretty much perfect… little bit of light sensitivity, a little bit of dryness… The dryness lasted maybe a week tops. But now a month after my eyesight is absolutely perfect. I still use the drops regularly, but the dryness isn't there. I just do it because it just helps with the healing and I would definitely recommend this procedure for anyone would choose not to wear glasses anymore."  

"Hi my name is Christine Lich I live in Antioch Illinois. I had the lasik surgery with Dr. Epstein. And I have had glasses for thirty years since before kindergarten and I had contacts for a while but my eyes would constantly go dry. And so my husband got it two years ago, also with Dr. Epstein. And then I decided to take the plunge and do it myself and it's the best thing I've ever done so now I can wake up and see my kids and go swimming with my kids without getting splashed on and getting spots on my glasses so it's the best I ever did and I recommend it to everybody." 

 "My name is Gene Guetzow. I'm from twin lakes Wisconsin and I've struggled with contacts and glasses for a long and decided to have lasik surgery with Dr. Epstein. It's been great now. I've had this done months ago and I take it for granted how easy everything is now and how good I feel.. so I really appreciate Dr. Epstein and the lasik surgery."   

 "Hi my name is Cindy. I'm from Palatine Illinois. I had lasik done two and a half years ago. I had the multifocal done. I wore bifocal glasses and because of my job I work with numbers on the computer I had a hard time focusing and since having the multifocal lasik I can do my job so much better I can see again."  

  "My name is Dave Thomas . I'm from Schaumburg Illinois. I work out here in the Woodstock area. I had LASIK done at The Center for Corrective Eye Surgery in McHenry. I've been wanting to get the lasik surgery for about 15 years. I have friends and also a sister who had it done many years ago the old fashioned....the old radial cuts down in Houston. I learned of Dr. Epstein through a number of friends and 1-800-I-CAN-SEE. And so I decided to do the surgery two years ago right before I turned 50 years old. Right now I'm going to be 52 and I am so pleased with the surgery. I came in on a Thursday had both eyes done. That day I could see perfectly and the next day came in for the check up and everything was just wonderful. Dr. Epstein called me that night that night to make sure that everything was just fine and it was and I'm pleased that I've done it . No more do I wake up in the morning reach over to shut off the alarm clock and look for my glasses. What a wonderful feeling."  

 "My name is Cindy Hinkl. I'm from Round Lake Illinois. I had lasik done a year ago in May of 2005. The reason why I came to get lasik was because I could no longer wear contacts I had contacts since I was a sophomore in high school. I kept getting pink eye. and my eyes were very red and irritated. I could no longer get good vision out of contacts.. So when I came to visit Dr. Epstein. he was able to help me. I did get plugs put in, which helped my dry eye. And then I had my lasik done in May. I was very nervous the day I came in, but I was very reassured by the staff….great staff…reassuring me every step of the way. The procedure was done. I was home the same day...rested that day…next day came in...had the shields taken off and could see very well. I was very surprised. Vision got better from then. Two weeks later I came in. I could see very well. And a year has gone by and it's been PERFECT. I've been able to do a lot of things I couldn't have done before. I've been able to grow my nails and have nice manicured nails. Because I can leave my contacts out without poking my eyes…able to get up in the morning and see very well go swimming … do things with my children that I wasn't able to do before because my eyes were very irritated. And a year had gone by and it's been great. . And I want to thank Dr. Epstein and his staff The staff was great. Thank you."  

 "Hi my name is Jim Giblin. I'm from Chicago. I had lasik with Dr. Epstein about three years ago. Before lasik. I wore glasses since I was in fifth grade or so… and the lasik procedure was... it was wonderful and afterward it was life changing. .. to be able to reach over the night stand and NOT have to reach for glasses is wonderful. It's just instinctive of me to reach over for them and to not have to do that anymore is great. I play sports Again it's instinctive for me to if I'm sweating to wipe my brown and to remove my glasses with the other hand. And I wish I had done it years sooner." 

LASIK Video Testimonials

Thomas Byrne, Blue Island Fire Fighter

 David Guzman from Zion, IL (Español) 


Dee Aguayo from Naperville, IL

 Tom Kiefer from Genoa City, WI

*Multifocal LASIK* Diane Sande from McHenry, IL

*PRK* Eric Tillman from Crystal Lake, IL

Lynn Loch from Cary, IL