Meet Dr. Robert L. Epstein

"I want to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of vision." Robert L. Epstein MD

Dr. Epstein is a board certified, nationally recognized, expert in vision corrective procedures for freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

Epstein specializes in treating patients with multiple eye disorders including: 

Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, Dry Eye Syndrome, Flashes and Floaters, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Keratoconus, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Hyperopia, & Myopia.

Surgeries: Cataract Surgery, Multifocal IOL, LASIK/Refractive Surgery, Crosslinking, ICL, Glaucoma Treatments, Diabetic Retinopathy, Crosslinking, Intacs Insertion, Corneal Transplants, Bowman Layer Transplants, CLEARS, Crystalens, & EpiLASIK.

Notable Achievements

*First Midwest surgeon and third American performing LASIK. (1991)

*One of only five Americans who brought keratomileusis (LASIK) to the U.S. and successfully practiced the procedure. (1983)

*First Midwest surgeon performing surgery for eyeglass freedom. (1980)

*First Chicago-land area surgeon performing “no-stitch” cataract surgery.

*First Midwest surgeon performing surgery to reverse presbyopia. (the middle-age loss of ability to change focus) (1997)

*Third U.S. surgeon performing scleral expansion procedure for presybopia reversal.


*First Midwest surgeon to perform and co-develop Multifocal LASIK procedure. (freedom from bifocals and reading glasses) (2003)


*Originator of several U.S. patents in eye surgical machine technology including two for increasing LASIK laser safety. (Awarded in 2003 and 2005)

*Longest active U.S. experience in scleral reinforcement for the prevention of blindness due to extreme myopia. (If your prescription is worse than -10, you don't qualify)

*Creator, manager of general medical column in the suburban Northwest Herald since 2002.

*Performed 100,000+ procedures including but not limited to LASIK, Other Refractive Surgeries, Crosslinking, and Cataract Surgery.

*Author of three books involving treatments to attain freedom from glasses, contacts, bifocals.