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"You need to wear glasses to see important things in your life. Maybe you wear contact lenses instead, at least most of the time, or even all your waking hours. But you wish you could just wake up and see."

" You feel left behind by the "seeing without glasses" revolution. You were told that you are past 45 and too old to be free. Increasingly these days, the use of glasses is a mark of age and you still want your freedom."

"For some years, the media has been filled with amazing stories about LASIK and other eye surgeries and how they correct vision to free people of the need for glasses and contact lenses. Perhaps....."

"The keys to a successful, safe surgery in any field of medicine are an informed patient with realistic expectations and a skilled, experienced surgeon."

"It is important for the reader to realize that LASIK and the other treatments in common use today are the result of hundreds of years of scientific research and clinical work."

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The Center for Corrective Eye Surgery

5400 West Elm Street, Mchenry, Illinois 60050, United States